Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family is the best . . . . .

This past weekend we had our every two year " First Cousin" reunion. This was the 10th anniversary. We started here in Kansas City where we all basically were born except 3 of the cousins.

What a wonderful time with family from California, Colorado, Texas and various parts of the Kansas City area. My two wonderful sisters were the main force behind getting everything done. They did an amazing job.

The picture above is my immediate family minus a few. There is my Brother who looks like Santa Clause who is the oldest. My two sisters, the oldest with short hair & glasses the youngest with longer gray hair and glasses. My oldest sister's husband, 3 daughters, son-in-law and two grandchildren, my youngest sister's husband, and youngest son. Her oldest son and daughter in law live in Boston. My two sons were also not there. Scott and his fiance Erika came to the Sat. night gathering. Andrew the youngest is in the middle of moving from New York city, back to Chicago ( Long story)

Anyway, wonderful fall weather, attended and Irish Festival, ate non stop for three days and started my new job as a bank teller on Monday.

Will try to get better about posting from here on.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Zentangle R.......

I was amazed and awed by the pictures on the Zentangle Website of the pieces done at the retreat/Masters class. I especially loved the one where they used a letter in the middle, framed by Zentangle forms. I am not sure if this is finished yet or not. The area aroung the R looks kind of empty.....Any suggestions.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am back again.. . . . New job, hopefully more time for art.

First before I tell you about my new job, the picture above is of my 5 month old cockapoo Mollie. Mollie is on the right. She is with her sister Miley at their dog obedience class training graduation. The nice looking young couple are Miley's Pet Parents. Really nice kids.

Now for the job update. I will after tomm. night no longer be working at PetsMart. As much as I liked it the 9 hour Saturdays and Sundays and two nights a week until after 10 was really getting hard on my 61 year old bones.

About two and a half weeks ago I saw an ad in our local paper for part time Tellers at the Bank that my family has used all my life. My brother in law is on the board now and my dad was up until his death. Anyway, I applied and I got the job. It is perfect hours, especially so I can get some art work done.

I will work every day 1-6:15, every other Sat. 9-1 and every other Monday 8-5. A total of 32 hours a week which is about what I am working now, plus I will be making $2.00 more an hour. Yeah !!! I am really looking forward to it.

I have been checking in to the blog world every so often, and hopefully, everyone has not completely given up on me. Missed you all

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I know I am early. . . . but look what I found. !!!

I know this is not the best picture, could be a little brighter and darker, but, I still use my camera, because I am saving up for a good scanner.

I started this drawing about this time last year, maybe a little later.

Was going to use it as an example for my 3rd grade class. Things changed, I had to retire because of some health issues and so on and so on.

Came across it a few days ago while going through some stuff !! Now I am just in time to finish it for Halloween I guess.

It is done all in plain old regular 2B pencil on white 80lb drawing paper. You know school supplies, you can't spend a whole lot, so you do with what you can afford.

It was fun, and now I cannot wait to work on it again.

We have been seeing . . . . . .

Can you see the Rainbow in this
picture below

I guess if we have been having all this rain, it stands to reason we will also get the chance to see beautiful rainbow.
Wishing all of you a weekend of Rainbows !!!
It seems like all it has been doing lately around here is raining, thundering, lightning and so on.
The one nice thing about thunderstorms and rain clouds is all the amazing pictures of clouds you can get.
Here are a few I wanted to share on yet another rainy day here in my part of the country.
Hopefully it will clear up, want to go to the Westport Art Fair this weekend.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I finally got up the nerve and did it. . . . . .

I finally did it !!! I got up the courage and joined The Sketchbook Project. I had filled out the form over a month ago when I first heard about it, but, just couldn't decide. Today I decided what am I waiting for, so I hit go to check out and did it.

Thanks to Eden at Draw, Doodle and Decorate for listing some others who have already signed up. Check out her blog to see. I can't wait to get my sketchbook and start.

Another reason I finally decided was my son Andrew has now moved to Brooklyn, NY and since that is where this is based I decided maybe I might even get there to see it. Andrew is also an artist so I am thinking of giving it to him as a Christmas present.

Any way. good luck to all have decided to participate, and thanks Eden for giving me the push.

Monday, September 6, 2010

How does everyone keep track ??????

I sometimes get overwhelmed at all the different days and groups and ATC and whatever.
How do all of you keep track of what you are suppose to be doing on any given day, I would be comletely befuddled.
Don't get me wrong I think it is fantastic, I just am not sure I could keep it all straight.

Also, how do you get to belong to all these groups and how do you know what they are?
Now that I am going to be getting ( hopefully) back to having time to do more art, I would love to become involved in some of them.

Any help ,suggestions or ways to would be appreciated.

Love my "Blogging friends" and all their amazing work !!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eden's Celtic Knot Inspiration. . . . .

I know this is not quite a Celtic Knot, but it reminds me of some I have seen. I just love using markers and doing things like this with paper.
Check out Draw Doodle and Decorate Blog by Eden today for a great Celtic Knot video.
Thanks Eden for a great post.

Eden at Draw, Doodle and Decorate has the most amazing post today. A gorgeous Celtic Knot in beautiful bright colors and then with Zentangle like designs on it, with a title Six Degrees of Seperation .

Her post reminded me of some similar pieces I did that I shared above/
Eden also had a link to a video on how to draw this Celtic Knot that is really nice.
I like Eden love markers, bright colors and doodling. What fun I am going to have making Celtic Knots this weekend, whenever I am not at PetsMart.
How nice to be putting up a post again.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I will be doing art again soon . . . . . . . YEAH

Thank you first to all of you who supported me in my vacation from blogging. I had alot on my plate and just was too stressed to do anything it seems.

But, I just signed up for 3 ( oh my poor credit card) of Laure Ferlita's classes for fall. The two mini classes Halloween and Christmas and Journaling in Autumn. I am so excited. The last art work I produced was done in her Foundations of Journaling this past summer.

To catch up just a bit. Andrew my son has moved to Brooklyn, and to sustain producing his artwork is working at a small eating place in Brooklyn called " Pies n Thighs" the thighs is as in chicken and the place serves all comfort food. Three girls own and run it and were featured on the Today show. Go to and you can see there web page and see the video clip of the Today show. It is a fascinating place and somewhere fun to go if you go to NYC.

I am busy with my two sisters, brother and cousin planning our 6th bi-annual Reppert family reunion for the October 8-10 weekend. It will be here in Kansas City. We have 5 cousins in Calif. 1 in Oregan, 1 in Colorado, and 1 in Texas. It will be so good to all get together again. We know my Dad and his two brothers and 1 sister will all be looking down on us.

I have kept up when possible looking at everyone's pages, and have loved all the beautiful artwork and wonderful friends in blogworld.

Hopefully I will be posting some artwork soon.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thank you everyone for the kind comments about Mollie. . . .

I finally got my puppy........Mollie is her name !!

Meet Mollie my new Cockapoo Puppy

Well I finally broke down and did it. I had a situation come about that I knew meant I was suppose to have her. I have her sister Miley in one of my obedience classes. The couple that own her told me about the small operation breeder they got her from, out in the country on a farm, just a delightful place.

Mollie was the last of the litter left and was 3 1/2 months old, which is getting old for people who want a puppy. The breeder found out that I worked at PetsMart and was a trainer and decided she would just give her to me for $25. instead of her usually higher fee.

She is going to quit breeding, because of grandchildren that now need to be cared for.

I am so lucky. She is sweet, quiet, pretty good so far about potty training, and since I am a trainer, I can take her to work with me !!!

So Mollie and I are roomates now.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Engagement is official......

Below is the official Engagement Picture of my oldest son Scott and his fiance Erika. It is a little blurry, but, I don't have a scanner, so taking a picture of a picture was the best I could do. The article was in the local paper this week. I couldn't be any happier for any two people.

If you will note she has strawberry blonde hair. They both have curly hair ( she flatirons hers) , so I am hoping someday for a red headed, curly headed Grandaughter. !!

The youngest son Andrew is now in New York City ( well Brooklyn really). He already has a job doing restaurant work, after only being there 3 days. Amazing what a 4 year degree in Philosophy from Loyola of Chicago will get you.!!! No I really am just kidding. He is becoming quite an artist and hopefully that can continue in New York. He is living with his girlfriend Stacy.

I still get on and look at all your blogs occasionally. Will hopefully be back on more of a regular basis someday soon.

Thanks everyone for all the kind words when I announced my "break" from blogging.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thank you. . . . I will return periodically.

Thank you so very much to all those who responded to the post I put up. Diana's services are now over and she is resting without pain finally.
I hope to find some time to post periodically, but, we will see.
Thanks for being such dear and precious "blog friends"

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back for a moment. . . . . . with a tribute and a wish..

Aren't these little puff balls just adorable.

The one at the top is a Cavashon.
The ones on the bottom are cockapoos and the one in the middle is a Shitz Zue.
I really want a little puppy to love and care for.
Now if I can just save up the money.

Tribute to Diana

I need to take a minute to pay tribute to a dear and wonderful lady. My friends, community, family and I lost a dear and special friend to a very long and painful battle with cancer last night.

Diana Wheeler was the classiest, most caring, most thought and unassuming person I have ever know. Diana had a flair for decorating, cooking, entertaining and just making others lives joyful

She will be miss by many but especially her husband Paul, son Cole and wife Megan and two little girls AmaLia and Vivvinne, and son Justin along with many other family and friends.

We will miss you and always love you Diana. Know you are in a place where you no longer have to endure the pain you were going through. I am glad you were in the end blessed with a quiet and peaceful passing with your dear husband Paul at your side.

Friday, July 16, 2010

This is not working any longer.. . . . .

This is goodbye to blog world. I have realized I just don't have the time, nor energy for it right now. Hopefully someday I will be back. Until then, enjoyed getting to know you all

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Artful Journaling Assignment. . . . .

Butterflies, Beautiful Flowers and Blogging !!!

I had a great time doing this final project for our Artful Journaling Assignment. ( Well I guess our cover was actually last ).
This piece was so fun to do. I struggle at times doing realistic pieces. I tend to do art work that is more graphic design in looks rather than realistically true. I was pleased with the butterfly, didn't think it would come out this good.
Just thought I would share a couple of butterfly pictures I have along with this painting.

Here's to Laure Ferlita thank you for a wonderful experience.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Doing the Blog sometimes makes me crazy.......

Okay, I am going to have to have someone give me some lessons on designing blog posts.

I get so mad and frustrated sometimes trying to place different elements on the page.

I think I have it just right and it looks perfect then I click on publish post and then view blog and it looks completely different. Words are not by pictures I put them by, pictures are not the right size and words are not where I wanted them.

OKAY, I am done venting now.!!!! Thank you one and all, I am going to master this if it kills me.


Finally time to do a little artwork. . . Sunflowers

Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Whimsical Smiling Sunflower
My sunflower Journal page for class
at right a Sunflower
by Georgia O'Keefe

One of my favorite artists is Vincent Van Gogh. I am sure most anyone who has ever seen his work, is aware of how famous his "Sunflowers" painting is. I know countless art teachers who have used this piece as a starting point for many an art lesson.

I have had students do them with real sunflower seeds for the centers, paint them with a vase like VanGogh and make them like 3D pictures with construction paper. Whatever way I have ever taught them they have been a big hit.

Sunflowers are a beautiful, amazing piece of this world we live in. Living in Missouri, means I am next to the "Sunflower State" of Kansas. You have never seen anything until you have seen fields filled with Sunflowers.
In the latest Foundations of Artful Journaling class assignment I did with teacher Laure Ferlita, I decided to use sunflowers and summer as my theme. This got me to thinking about all the wonderful art besides VanGogh's Sunflowers that is out there.
Above is the piece that I did and then I thought I would share some other artists work using sunflowers.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh my where do the hours go............

I almost adopted this precious puppy last

week, but, he was not healthy and I was not

ready to take on a sick puppy/rescue for

$375. He was so precious.

Great Niece & Nephew Troy & McKenna are here to
visit this week. So precious

I seem to be running so far behind these days, I don't know what happens. Last week I was busy because I was working alot, so I could take Sat., Sun and Monday off, now this week I am working alot to make up for taking Sat, Sun and Mon. off.

Did have a wonderful birthday. Went out to lunch with my sisters and cousin, and dinner was with my son and his fiance.

Now. I have go to get with it. I am behind in my blogging, my Foundations of Artful Journaling Class and a myriad of other things.

I was so pleased to find out this morning that I am going to squeak by and not have to sell my patio home/ condiminium. I love it because it is quiet, has a great back deck with a pasture behind that and is so convenient. So. Ms. Frugal I am going to have to be for a year or so.

Will be back doing some art hopefully soon. Meanwhile, hello to everyone and I love seeing what everyone else is doing.

Have a great rest of the week fellow blogging friends and artist. Martha

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th 2009 to July 4th 2010. .. . .. . .

Oh my goodnesss.
So much can happen in a years time.
Scott and Erika in the second picture became engaged. Andrew and Stacy in the first picture are in a relationship and moving off to New York City together.
I no longer teach art but now I teach dogs.
I am getting ready to downsize my abode to an even smaller one.
I have made it through 4 years of working with my therapist and am beginning to see the end of the tunnel.
I am getting to do more of my own artwork.
Just think a year ago today July 4th 2009 I was on the eve of turning 60 years old, and in the Cascades Mts. of Washington State.
Oh my goodness where did the years go, how could they possibly have passed so fast and how could so many dreams, ideas and expectations have happened and not happened.
Tomm. I will be 61. I wonder what the next year will bring. The thing I hope for most is contentment with myself and my life, and happiness for my two sons.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July Weekend


I hope all of my friends out in blogosphere have a very safe and wonderful
4th of July Weekend.

Sorry I haven't been around for a week now, but, I took this coming Sat, Sun. and Mon. off, so as a result I have been working everyday since last Saturday. Whew I am going to need a break.Today I work an 8 hour shift. Those wear me out.

I painted the picture above as part of my Foundations of Artful Journaling Class with
Laure Ferlita. I am not sure if I like this piece or not. It seems a little simplistic or cutsey in some ways, but,it was fun to do. I am always a happy little girl when I am painting or drawing or doing whatever kind of art.

Be safe.

Friday, June 25, 2010

A little bit of everything. . . .

ROOST..... and it's contents. This funky and interesting store in the area of Chicago called Andersonville. Andrew my son sells some of his art there and works there part time. I had fun taking pictures of all kinds of fun stuff.

At the bottom a couple more of my " Doggy Graduates"

Hopefully by next week I will get back on schedule with some of my artwork I am behind on.

ROOST in Chicago where my son Andrew works part time. Very eclectic store full of all kinds of treasures and old stuff.





Monday, June 21, 2010

Time for some blooms...... A little less humidity !!

Here in Missouri, summers are known for heat and humidity.
Well, this summer is no exception, except it has become excessive. Especiallly for June. We have thunderstorms about every other day.
Peoples basements are filling up with water, streams are out of their banks and high winds are causing tornados and wind damage.
The one good thing though is that every growing thing is growing by leaps and bounds. Lots of mowing, weeding, and to help out lots of beautiful flowers.
Thought I might share a few pictures I took with you
Have a great week.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun week of Art, and a Surprise.!!!!

I am hooked on Word Art and found out my picture is on a bookmark at the local Library.

As I have said I am taking a watercolor journaling class. The pear below was one of our assignments that I really had fun with.
Our next assingment was word art. Well, to say the least I got really hooked on that. The one on the right is my 2nd one.
The 4th of July one is also special to me because my birthday is the 5th of July and so it becomes a two day celebration

About a month ago I was in the library checking out books. They asked if they could take my picture for a marketing promo for MidContinent Libraries. I said yes, they asked what I did I said art teacher and artist. So they gave me a sign with the word Picasso on it.

Today I went back to the library as I do most weeks to check out books, and there is a big poster with my picture along with others promoting the library. They also made bookmarks with each of our pictures on them.
Below is a copy of the book mark with my picture on it. !!
What a hoot. I may be famous, yeah right.