Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I had to draw something. . . . . .

EDM 16. . Finally drawing again. !!

Okay, I could no longer stand it.

After getting the 160 wedding invitations and inside envelopes addressed in calligraphy,I had to draw something

Since all I am hearing and seeing are raindrops, I decided to just do EDM 16 for me. Draw a tool.

Well for me I consider my trusty mechanical pencil a tool. This is the result I came up with after coming home from a night of dog obedience training. About all I had the energy for.

Enjoy my purple pencil !!

Rain go away.

Rain, Rain, go away, and don't come BACK !
I live in Liberty, MO. A town right outside of Kansas City, MO. All it has done here for the past three weeks is rain, rain, and more rain. We may never dry out. I want to go outside and take pictures and sketch and paint !!!