Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rain go away.

Rain, Rain, go away, and don't come BACK !
I live in Liberty, MO. A town right outside of Kansas City, MO. All it has done here for the past three weeks is rain, rain, and more rain. We may never dry out. I want to go outside and take pictures and sketch and paint !!!


  1. Ah but think of all the good that comes from rain!! There is ? and ? say my be you are right we do need some dry days, maybe my basement would dry out. I knew we kept everything up on blocks for a reason.

    Oh well in July we will wish for Winter


  2. i hope that all of this rain brings you a beautiful rainbow!!! stay dry, sweet one!! :))

  3. Be careful what you wish for, Martha!! Never is a powerful word, but I can only imagine I'd be a bit aggravated after three weeks of rain myself!

    Hope the sun comes out soon!

  4. Hello Martha, Nice to find your blog.
    Leigh Hendren Garnett

  5. Too much greyness gets me down as well. I think it's an artist's perogative!
    The sky shot is spectacular though. A great painting reference!

    See, something good is in everything :)

  6. I would be happy to have some of that rain! At least we got more during the winter than we usually get. Still, in the desert it's never enough for us transplants.

    Glad you'll be in Laure's journaling class with me. We'll have fun.

  7. Hope that rain is clearing...gosh darn it!!! You deserve some sunshine already!!!

  8. Thanks for all the nice thoughts. As I sit typing this the rain is pitter pattering on my roof yet AGAIN> Oh well, better get busy building the ark. Thanks for all the nice comments.