Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank YOU Tyanne.......

Thank You Tyanne.
you saved my life with your tip about software for
recovering lost files from digital camera memory cards!!
It Worked and I got them back.
I never dreamed anything like this existed.
You are a sweetheart.
Thank goodness for Google.!!
Oh Happy Days I am back in business so to speak.

Oh boy did I MESS up this time.

I cannot believe it, but, I think I have somehow inadvertently deleted all the pictures on my digital camera !!!! That means all the ones from my week in Washington state at the art and spirituality retreat, my nephews wedding, and various other things. Thank goodness I had put at least most of the good ones from my trip on the Artsonia ( a web site for student art that I used to put my students art on) so they at least were saved. I also made actual prints of all of them.

I still don't know how I did it, except I was messing with my camera trying to change some settings, and I guess I must have accidently erased them. I am sorry because there were some really good ones of family from the wedding.

Oh well, I guess I will learn to back my memory card up and make a CD every so often so this won't happen again. The only things on it now are the pictures I last posted of the Zentangles. I was messing with my camera, because I didn't think my pictures were coming out very clear. Well I really did a number on the old camera now. I don't have a scanner, so this is the way I put pictures up.

I don't know much if anything about scanners. Is that a good or better thing to have when putting up pictures on posts or other places?? I would love to have some feedback from you
more experienced bloggers out there.

Well, I have had to work so much this week, that I have had little time again for more than just a few small Zentangles. These three I did with the cards from the Zentangle kit I ordered from Rick and Maria at It is kind of fun to do it in this small space. Good for the
learning curve anyway.

My son is going to try and figure out if what I did with my pictures is my camera or my computer, but, I don't hold out much hope of being able to recover anything. Well live and learn right.

Hope all have a good weekend and next week.

Here are three square Zentangles I guess you could call it a "Trio of Tangles". Sorry for the bad joke.