Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eden's Celtic Knot Inspiration. . . . .

I know this is not quite a Celtic Knot, but it reminds me of some I have seen. I just love using markers and doing things like this with paper.
Check out Draw Doodle and Decorate Blog by Eden today for a great Celtic Knot video.
Thanks Eden for a great post.

Eden at Draw, Doodle and Decorate has the most amazing post today. A gorgeous Celtic Knot in beautiful bright colors and then with Zentangle like designs on it, with a title Six Degrees of Seperation .

Her post reminded me of some similar pieces I did that I shared above/
Eden also had a link to a video on how to draw this Celtic Knot that is really nice.
I like Eden love markers, bright colors and doodling. What fun I am going to have making Celtic Knots this weekend, whenever I am not at PetsMart.
How nice to be putting up a post again.