Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun week of Art, and a Surprise.!!!!

I am hooked on Word Art and found out my picture is on a bookmark at the local Library.

As I have said I am taking a watercolor journaling class. The pear below was one of our assignments that I really had fun with.
Our next assingment was word art. Well, to say the least I got really hooked on that. The one on the right is my 2nd one.
The 4th of July one is also special to me because my birthday is the 5th of July and so it becomes a two day celebration

About a month ago I was in the library checking out books. They asked if they could take my picture for a marketing promo for MidContinent Libraries. I said yes, they asked what I did I said art teacher and artist. So they gave me a sign with the word Picasso on it.

Today I went back to the library as I do most weeks to check out books, and there is a big poster with my picture along with others promoting the library. They also made bookmarks with each of our pictures on them.
Below is a copy of the book mark with my picture on it. !!
What a hoot. I may be famous, yeah right.