Friday, May 21, 2010

Playing Catch up on EDM's . . .

Okay, I am still pretty technically challenged, and for some reason I could never get the picture of the glasses to upload right side up.

So in frustration you get it this way. Maybe better next time. Who knows.

I did these three with markers. I usually do watercolor, but, I also love markers and just felt like using those tonight.

I am finally done with the wedding invitations and had a day off from work, so I can play a little catch up with the EDM's for May.

I may have done some earlier that I numbered the same as these, and I know I did a shoe already, but, I just had an urge to do this cute flip-flop.

Next two days will be spent doing lots of dog training classes at work, and a graduation party for a sweet girl from work. Hope everyone's weekend is wonderful.

Guess what we had a whole day today without rain, and suppose to be the same tomorrow.