Friday, June 4, 2010

Bird and Artichoke. . . . . Zentangles

After a very long day at work today, I need some relaxing down time. My favorite thing to do for that is art work and more specifically Zentangles.

I have been hooked on them ever since I found out about them almost 6 months ago.

The first one I did was this little bird. Maybe that comes from my part time job at PetsMart !!!!

Whatever, it just seemed like a fun idea.

Thanks to Valentino Ramos for the inspiration.

I must give some credit for this Zentangle to where I first saw it which was on the blog of Valentino Ramos .
She is an amazing artist who's work I just happened on to here in Blogworld.

I love her Zentagle works that at 3D- different, unusual and just amazing. I was so inspired by her Artichoke Zentangle I had to try one of my own.

SO, a big thank you to Valentino even though she has no idea who I am, for giving me this inspiration. You can go to her blog which is linked above to see her work.