Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back for a moment. . . . . . with a tribute and a wish..

Aren't these little puff balls just adorable.

The one at the top is a Cavashon.
The ones on the bottom are cockapoos and the one in the middle is a Shitz Zue.
I really want a little puppy to love and care for.
Now if I can just save up the money.

Tribute to Diana

I need to take a minute to pay tribute to a dear and wonderful lady. My friends, community, family and I lost a dear and special friend to a very long and painful battle with cancer last night.

Diana Wheeler was the classiest, most caring, most thought and unassuming person I have ever know. Diana had a flair for decorating, cooking, entertaining and just making others lives joyful

She will be miss by many but especially her husband Paul, son Cole and wife Megan and two little girls AmaLia and Vivvinne, and son Justin along with many other family and friends.

We will miss you and always love you Diana. Know you are in a place where you no longer have to endure the pain you were going through. I am glad you were in the end blessed with a quiet and peaceful passing with your dear husband Paul at your side.