Saturday, May 29, 2010

My son is an artist. . . I am so proud

This is an announcement of the Gallery Showing my son Andrew Brant ( listed down at the bottom of the card) is part of.

My son Andrew pictured below with his girlfriend while in France together is having a gallery showing in Andersonville ( A part of Chicago). I am so proud of him. The show will run the month of June, and Andrew will have 10 pieces showing. We are all so excited. So if you live in Chicago , scroll down and look at the announcement of the events.
Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Join us at Las Manos Gallery, as a part of the Andersonville Midsommartfest. They close down the streets, put up four stages, have music and a party in the street, so come by to see my recent work, and have a good time in Andersonville!

I will be exhibiting ten works on paper from my recent trip to France, paintings and charcoals of Paris and Brittany.

I will be there all day Saturday, and the show will be up until June 27th, open every weekend.

Also included in the show:

Michelle Peterson/Albandoz
Paul Clark
Michael McGuire
and Chuck Meyers