Saturday, May 29, 2010

My son is an artist. . . I am so proud

This is an announcement of the Gallery Showing my son Andrew Brant ( listed down at the bottom of the card) is part of.

My son Andrew pictured below with his girlfriend while in France together is having a gallery showing in Andersonville ( A part of Chicago). I am so proud of him. The show will run the month of June, and Andrew will have 10 pieces showing. We are all so excited. So if you live in Chicago , scroll down and look at the announcement of the events.
Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Join us at Las Manos Gallery, as a part of the Andersonville Midsommartfest. They close down the streets, put up four stages, have music and a party in the street, so come by to see my recent work, and have a good time in Andersonville!

I will be exhibiting ten works on paper from my recent trip to France, paintings and charcoals of Paris and Brittany.

I will be there all day Saturday, and the show will be up until June 27th, open every weekend.

Also included in the show:

Michelle Peterson/Albandoz
Paul Clark
Michael McGuire
and Chuck Meyers


  1. I am sure you are bursting with pride!!! :)
    Congrats Andrew!!!

  2. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to your artist son, and I am happy for his mom as well. Can see you bursting with joy for his successes!!!!!

  3. That's so amazing! There is nothing sweeter in this world than seeing your children grow and spread their wings in wonderful ways! Good job, Mom! and Good job Andrew!

  4. How wonderful! I wish him success and most of all, FUN :)

    They make a sweet couple!♥

  5. Oh I understand you must be sooooo proud!
    Enjoy this feeling.
    If I go to Chicago soon I will go.

    Have a nice day!

  6. Thank you to everyone who wished Andrew well.

  7. Oh gosh, this is exciting!!! So happy for him!!!

  8. Congratulations Sister, it is nice to know that your talent got passed on to your son, and good for you to know he is accomplished also.


  9. Well congrats to both of you for having items in the show! What fun for you both to be artists.