Thursday, May 27, 2010

EDM # 26 Draw anything you want.

Draw anything you want, well, what shall I draw. I am sort of tired of white paper, so I thing I will use black just to be different.

I love to draw different kinds of bugs. I also always have wanted a Volkswagon Beetle Convertible.

So since I have never gotten one, I thought I would just draw my own kind of Beetle.

Most of this probably makes no sense, but, I did have fun drawing the bug.


  1. Oh, what a cute buggy-beetle! What did you use to draw the white??? I am still looking for something that does a good job with that...please do tell.

  2. Julie: I used a Sakura Gellyroll pen. It is waterproof, archival, acid free and fade resistant. You can get them at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, just about anywhere. I got this one in a two pack. Glad you like the beetle.

  3. But you failed to label the appropriate parts like you would have had to do for a science class.



  4. your little beetle bug is fabulous!! i love the white on black.....i'm kinda hooked on using those white gel pens!! hope you have a fantastic weekend!! :))

  5. I had a white Sakura pen...don't think it was called Jellyroll though. It had a small brush that you pump up and down to get the ink out. I am looking forward to finding one of these! Thanks!!!