Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The girls in the family.........minus my brother...

Family is Special....
Came across this photo today while looking for something else.

I love this picture. It was taken last August at my nephew's wedding in Tulsa Oklahoma.

I am in the middle back row, my oldest niece is to my left, my baby sister to my right ( mother of the groom) . The front row is my older sister on the left, her middle daughter in the middle and her youngest daughter on the right. My older sister had the three girls, my younger sister and I each had 2 boys.

We all had so much fun watching all of them grow up. They are all such fine young men and women now.

My brother who is the oldest could not be at the wedding. He is the wonderful person entitled Micosay who comments on every one of my blogs. We have always called him "Brother" although his name is John Charles. He and I have a bond of our artistic sides.

My younger sister is Betty Lou and my older sister Mary Margaret.