Friday, May 21, 2010

Playing Catch up on EDM's . . .

Okay, I am still pretty technically challenged, and for some reason I could never get the picture of the glasses to upload right side up.

So in frustration you get it this way. Maybe better next time. Who knows.

I did these three with markers. I usually do watercolor, but, I also love markers and just felt like using those tonight.

I am finally done with the wedding invitations and had a day off from work, so I can play a little catch up with the EDM's for May.

I may have done some earlier that I numbered the same as these, and I know I did a shoe already, but, I just had an urge to do this cute flip-flop.

Next two days will be spent doing lots of dog training classes at work, and a graduation party for a sweet girl from work. Hope everyone's weekend is wonderful.

Guess what we had a whole day today without rain, and suppose to be the same tomorrow.


  1. Your flip-flop is so cute...put me in a Hawaiian mood!!! I startd hearing ukelele music!!!

  2. Glad to hear the rain has stopped and you've had some art time! I think you'd look wonderful with the "Lolita" sunglasses and flip flops on!!!

    Love all the vibrant colors in these!!

  3. Wow have you been busy -- lots of wedding invitations and even the EDM challenges. I really like what you've done. It is pretty amazing what you did with the markers - I wouldn't have given them a thought. I really like the glasses and flip flops.

    I looked back a few postings too and saw your favorite tool - a mechanical pencil. I'm pretty fond of those too and my most favorite is sketched in my blog header.

    I also dropped by your son's blog - neat stuff there. I also have a 25 year old (my oldest) and he and I have so much in common to share. Sounds like you and your son.


  4. That's my sister the artist.

  5. Your drawings look great. Working, doing invitations and still finding time and energy reserves to do these is really great!

  6. Martha, these drawings are amazing!!! Love the flip-flops!! You are so talented, I always enjoy my visit to your blog! Have a great weekend!!