Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I had to draw something. . . . . .

EDM 16. . Finally drawing again. !!

Okay, I could no longer stand it.

After getting the 160 wedding invitations and inside envelopes addressed in calligraphy,I had to draw something

Since all I am hearing and seeing are raindrops, I decided to just do EDM 16 for me. Draw a tool.

Well for me I consider my trusty mechanical pencil a tool. This is the result I came up with after coming home from a night of dog obedience training. About all I had the energy for.

Enjoy my purple pencil !!


  1. I'm glad to hear that another artist loves mechanical pencils. I do too! But I was afraid to admit it, thinking they weren't really made for serious art... Silly me! They keep a good sharp point, and they blend nicely. What more could you ask for? I like your purple one!
    Thank you so much for the blog comment about teaching. It's so reassuring to hear another teacher has had the same feelings. :)

  2. Glad to see you doing a bit of art! So is the calligraphy job done, or just paused?

    Love mechanical pencils - it's the only kind I'll take out on location with me because I don't have to worry about a sharpener nor the lead breaking!

  3. Phew, I hope that job is done!
    Me too, pencils everywhere in the house, purse, car cuz you never know when fun will hit you!

  4. great drawing martha! I use the Bic disposable pencils for everything. Nice soft lead, easily blendable.

    Too much rain can get me down. I hope the sun shines for you soon!

  5. WOW you drew that??? Fabulous!!! That's not easy to draw! I drew the doodlings on the shirt with a black fabric marker. It was fun making these shirts and actually they are cute on!

  6. I love your mechanical pencil! Thank you for stopping by my blog. We are getting nothing but rain here in Cincinnati, too. I, for one, am sick of it! The one good thing about rain is that it creates more time for art!