Sunday, May 23, 2010

EDM what did you have for dinner...... well part of it.

I was so worn out after work tonight all I had the energy to eat was a pear. So I drew a pear.

We have gone from rain every day to 85 degrees and humidity plus !!!

It was so hot in PetsMart yesterday and today ( with a hot flash every so often for good measure) that I thought I was going to melt. So when I got home I wanted to crawl into the refrigerator. The thing that looked best was a ice cold beer and a pear !!!!

So hear is my pear. Sorry no beer bottle. Too tired to draw two pictures. !!


  1. Excellent pear! I love that you just sat down and drew it on the spur of the moment! I think I'll toss a little sketch pad into my school bag today! It might just get me through these last grueling weeks of school!

  2. This is the purdiest pear I have ever seen! I love pencil drawings and the shading is exquisite on this! Excellent. I have a theory about beer...when I was single years ago, and I would try to balance my checkbook and I couldn't...I would drink a beer and it would relax me and I could balance it to the penny! Now I am wondering if you did this pear before or after the beer...I must know if that beer relaxed you and helped you to make the best pear, ever???

  3. Julie, yes, I did have the beer before I drew the pear. Made it much easier. For some reason I love to draw with pencil and do shading. Anyway, beer and pear were good. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Hey Martha!! Oh that is so funny---it' must be a pear day for sure!! love your pear!!!! You are right Great Martha minds think alike!

  5. Do you work at PetsMart? I used to do pet grooming there! It IS hot in there!
    We are having the same kind of weather here so I know how you feel. 85 today and humid, but with a slight breeze.
    Your pear looks terrific.
    Definately, you should get into clay work. It's very relaxing, but since you have to use the oven, better do it on a cool day! :)

  6. wow, did a great job drawing this (i've tried to draw pears, and they're not easy subjects.....maybe if i have a beer next time, it'll go easier.....!! hee hee) xox, :))

  7. 85? I'm in some high desert in Arizona and we turned the heat on this morning!! We've never been so cool in May. This is a very lovely pear! You sound so much like my sister. She gets home (she's 63) from the nursery where she works and has a beer and some crackers and calls it a meal and a day. I was trying to draw a face yesterday but couldn't get the nose. Maybe I should have had a beer or a glass of wine!

  8. Excellent.

    If you renumber it as #24, draw some fruit, you are only a day behind :D

    I won't play hottest temperature, I'm in Sudan and it's summer, enough said? But I hope you can cool down somehow.