Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Remember this summer game.. . . . . .

EDM # 6 Draw a Toy. . .

I can remember many a summer day or evening, setting up the wickets and getting the croquet set out, for a rousing game with the kids in the neighborhood.

I grew up in the 50's so there was no being inside in the summer, it was too hot in there and there was nothing to do anyway. Our days and nights consisted of building treehouses, wading up and down the creekbed exploring, swinging from grapevines, playing on our bikes and in the evening 'Kick the can" and one of my favorite Croquet.

We had some pretty cut throat games at times, knocking each others balls out of contention, trying different tricks, whatever.

I know childhood is different now, just as my two twenty-something sons lives were different. There is just no replacing though, those wonderful childhood memories, whatever they may be.

I was so very very fortunate to have had that childhood. My heart aches for those who didn't or don't.


  1. I saw a paper once that was remenisent of childhood games and toys many of which were from years even earlier than ours! I am 53 years old, and just like you, we were outside running, climbing, playing with others, and dreaming, talking, and using our imaginations! I had an ideal childhood and was so blessed! Sounds like you did too!!! My heart breaks for the kids of today.

  2. Thanks Teri and Julie. We did have fun didn't we. Remember lightning bugs and Kick the Can !!!

  3. AH for the days of my youth. No cares or worries.
    Good health and unknown amounts of Happiness.


  4. lightning bugs (we were evil children and wrote on the sidewalk with their squished behinds), kick the can, and ghost in the graveyard. and on a REALLY great evening, someone would catch a bat in a fishing net...