Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two in one night. . EDM 13

I am on a roll tonight. Two EDM'S in one night.

I always like the old black funky looking phones we had when I was a kid.

I can still remember when we had prefixes like ST. or TH instead of numbers. I remember our phone number changing when I was about 12 from ST1-XXXX to TH7-4694. That was a big deal because that meant we could call Kansas City, MO. which was 20 miles away for free !!!!

I lived in Liberty, MO. which is where I still live. Liberty was actually founded before Kansas City, MO.

I am 5th generation of my family on my mother's side to live here. My mother used to tell stories about her great grandmother and the Civil War right in Liberty.

Well don't ask me how I got from a drawing of a phone to that, except that I am rambling maybe because it is late at night or I am old LOL.

Anyway. This is my picture above of my old phone.


  1. Very funky phone and my black phone's number was 6421435. My best friend Patty who grew up across the street from me still has her same phone number as she never moved out of the town we grew up in.

    Great drawing!!!!

  2. I love these old phones, too! I do remember when we had prefixes. Ours was SHadyside. In fact I remember when we had a party line! That was interesting; to pick up the phone to make a call and hear voices talking! This phone sketch is cute!

  3. I lost my first comment!

    Great job on this sketch Martha. And geesh, I remember when there was no prefix! Small towns seem to take a lot longer to go modern!

  4. How about before ST 1 xxxx when it was 700R and a 4 party line. You could pick up the phone and listen in on Mrs Amery or Mrs Arnold's conversation, at least til they figured it out.


  5. I never had a party line, but I remember as a child, my Grandma did. She lived in the country, and I suppose I just always assumed it was a country thing, since we did not have it in the city! I just asked my husband if he remembered having one, and he said no. He was in Shreveport, Louisiana. He was born in 1949.

    You phone is very good...looks similar to my Grandmas phone which she had probably had for a lot of years prior to my ever seeing it!!! LOL!

  6. Ok you took me way back and we must be the same age because I still have my old phone and I do remember my old phone number too. Great post and great sketch.

  7. Great drawing, so whimsical! And a flashback on phone numbers :)

    Fun post!

  8. Love your funky phone, and the rambling ;-). My mom always talks about the party line thing. Now our kids don't even understand the significance of the term 'to dial' a phone.
    Great shadows.