Monday, July 12, 2010

Finally time to do a little artwork. . . Sunflowers

Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Whimsical Smiling Sunflower
My sunflower Journal page for class
at right a Sunflower
by Georgia O'Keefe

One of my favorite artists is Vincent Van Gogh. I am sure most anyone who has ever seen his work, is aware of how famous his "Sunflowers" painting is. I know countless art teachers who have used this piece as a starting point for many an art lesson.

I have had students do them with real sunflower seeds for the centers, paint them with a vase like VanGogh and make them like 3D pictures with construction paper. Whatever way I have ever taught them they have been a big hit.

Sunflowers are a beautiful, amazing piece of this world we live in. Living in Missouri, means I am next to the "Sunflower State" of Kansas. You have never seen anything until you have seen fields filled with Sunflowers.
In the latest Foundations of Artful Journaling class assignment I did with teacher Laure Ferlita, I decided to use sunflowers and summer as my theme. This got me to thinking about all the wonderful art besides VanGogh's Sunflowers that is out there.
Above is the piece that I did and then I thought I would share some other artists work using sunflowers.


  1. We visited a huge field of sunflowers once a few years ago in Georgia and it was amazing!!! You are right about that! Your painted is delightful!!!

  2. I was on a sunflower kick years ago. I had them everywhere, but most of the motif showed up in my kitchen. Now I'm onto ravens :)

    I love Van Gogh and O'keefe! You did a nice job with your happy sunflower tribute!

  3. Sunflowers, Ahh Sunflowers, that says it all.


  4. I saw fields of sunflowers during the year we lived in Wyoming. I was surprised to find them there. Your page looks nice mingled with the others here. It's a very nice looking post!