Monday, July 12, 2010

Doing the Blog sometimes makes me crazy.......

Okay, I am going to have to have someone give me some lessons on designing blog posts.

I get so mad and frustrated sometimes trying to place different elements on the page.

I think I have it just right and it looks perfect then I click on publish post and then view blog and it looks completely different. Words are not by pictures I put them by, pictures are not the right size and words are not where I wanted them.

OKAY, I am done venting now.!!!! Thank you one and all, I am going to master this if it kills me.



  1. Martha, when you prepare your post there is a section called 'Preview'. At the bottom, there is 'Publish', 'Save' and then 'Preview'

    Click on the 'preview' and you will get an exact picture of what will come up.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Martha, I HATE blogger when it comes to composing my post. I use WINDOWS LIVE WRITER, which I found out about thru Ro of Scrapgirls. Here,

    or go directly to live writer downloads.

    I've been using it successfully for 10 months and it really takes alot of the blogger hassle out. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

    I really hope this helps :)

  3. i feel your pain!......which is why you always see my posts just centered under a photo....rather boring, but saves me some gray hair!! that's a great tip from eden.....i might have to take a look at that! hang in there! :))

  4. Hi Martha!! I know what you mean about the blog thing but you are doing so well---you have three columns! I have been trying to have three columns for the longest time and still can't figure it out. I get a pain in my head (literally) anytime I try to figure it out! SO you are doing GREAT!!!

  5. Since switching to the 'new blogger' I have struggled a bit, but what I do is click and drag the images where I want them. I always center things because it makes the text easier to read (I think.)
    If I'm using more than one photo I will upload the first one, center the text underneath it, then upload the next photo and if it doesn't drop in where it's supposed to, just click and drag it. The hit 'enter' so the curser is where you want the next line of text to be...and so on.

    Clear as mud, right? Good luck!

  6. I'm right there with ya! Us old fogies will get it right eventually, we just take a little longer.

  7. Wow!!!!!! You know how to blog? thats better than me I do good to send emails.