Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Artful Journaling Assignment. . . . .

Butterflies, Beautiful Flowers and Blogging !!!

I had a great time doing this final project for our Artful Journaling Assignment. ( Well I guess our cover was actually last ).
This piece was so fun to do. I struggle at times doing realistic pieces. I tend to do art work that is more graphic design in looks rather than realistically true. I was pleased with the butterfly, didn't think it would come out this good.
Just thought I would share a couple of butterfly pictures I have along with this painting.

Here's to Laure Ferlita http://paintedthoughtsblog.blogspot.com/ thank you for a wonderful experience.


  1. O wow this looks just wonderful!!! You must print them and send...... (or sell) They would made the perfect card!

    Your course has been rewarding!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Wow!! Martha, that is really good! I know what you mean about realistic....takes more effort cuz of the precision! You did good girl :D

  3. Hi Martha,

    Have enjoyed browsing your lovely blog. Your Red Admiral butterfly is beautiful!


  4. Wow Martha, I looked at all the butterfly photos and thought your painting was one also. Awesome job.

    I am going to take her Journaling Exploration class and am so excited!!

  5. As I have always known you are a true artist.

  6. I love all your butterfly photos, but what I like best is your painting!! This is really good. I think it looks very realistic.

  7. Oh my!!!!!!!! You should try this more often. Bravo!!!!!

    Lovely photos too. Did you take them??

    Wow all around!

  8. I love how you are putting the journal pages with photos. Your pages fit right in there with them in a very pretty way.