Saturday, August 21, 2010

I finally got my puppy........Mollie is her name !!

Meet Mollie my new Cockapoo Puppy

Well I finally broke down and did it. I had a situation come about that I knew meant I was suppose to have her. I have her sister Miley in one of my obedience classes. The couple that own her told me about the small operation breeder they got her from, out in the country on a farm, just a delightful place.

Mollie was the last of the litter left and was 3 1/2 months old, which is getting old for people who want a puppy. The breeder found out that I worked at PetsMart and was a trainer and decided she would just give her to me for $25. instead of her usually higher fee.

She is going to quit breeding, because of grandchildren that now need to be cared for.

I am so lucky. She is sweet, quiet, pretty good so far about potty training, and since I am a trainer, I can take her to work with me !!!

So Mollie and I are roomates now.


  1. Oh Martha, how totally delightful! Isn't it great when some things are just meant to be. I know you will enjoy her totally and she is lucky to have you.

  2. Oh that face!!! I'm glad you and she have each other now.

    And I think that's a smart decision for that lady to stop breeding. Our shelters are filling up daily.
    That was sweet of her to reduce her fee so the pup could have a good life with you!

  3. Congratulations on finding a new room mate. She is a cute puppy, and I know she will be good for you. Train her well.


  4. Oh Wow.... What can I say......
    The perfect dog!
    I am a believer thet these things should come on your path!
    A sign of a good breeder to rather have a puppy in a good home then to earn money.
    I love that easy look in her eyes.
    You will have so much fun with this dog!

    And congratulations!

  5. What a precious puppy face!!

  6. P.S.
    I think I sounded like I didn't care for the breeder. Not intended! She seems very responsible ;)

    Just had to come back to say that even though I mentioned shelter dogs.♥

  7. I'm so happy for you and Mollie both!! You will bring so much joy to each other!

  8. Such a sweet face! Must be love. Enjoy.

  9. I love it when people who truly adore dogs get a puppy of their own. It's magical. Wishing you and Mollie lots of fun times together. We also found our dog at a tiny breeder and were able to meet her parents too. Enjoy!

  10. OMG...Mollie is adorable!!! What a sweet sugar!!! She sounds so good too! I know she will just be the best thing in the world for you! I know my Doozie is for me.
    Have loads of fun!!!

  11. Oh Martha, she is absolutely adorable. What a sweet face. Let us know how she is doing and please post picture of her. I wish you trained in a Petsmart near me. Bucky could use it!!!

  12. Your new dog is adorable! I always loved grooming this kind best. As a trainer, I'm sure she will turn out just fine. Glad you have a buddy.

  13. That's wonderful Martha! What a pretty puppy she is too! What a lucky break you got. Or is it Molly who got the lucky break? Have fun with her.