Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family is the best . . . . .

This past weekend we had our every two year " First Cousin" reunion. This was the 10th anniversary. We started here in Kansas City where we all basically were born except 3 of the cousins.

What a wonderful time with family from California, Colorado, Texas and various parts of the Kansas City area. My two wonderful sisters were the main force behind getting everything done. They did an amazing job.

The picture above is my immediate family minus a few. There is my Brother who looks like Santa Clause who is the oldest. My two sisters, the oldest with short hair & glasses the youngest with longer gray hair and glasses. My oldest sister's husband, 3 daughters, son-in-law and two grandchildren, my youngest sister's husband, and youngest son. Her oldest son and daughter in law live in Boston. My two sons were also not there. Scott and his fiance Erika came to the Sat. night gathering. Andrew the youngest is in the middle of moving from New York city, back to Chicago ( Long story)

Anyway, wonderful fall weather, attended and Irish Festival, ate non stop for three days and started my new job as a bank teller on Monday.

Will try to get better about posting from here on.


  1. Nice shot of all the family (or a lot of it, anyway, eh)!!! You were so busy right before starting your new job! Hope it is going well for you!

  2. Only missing the rest of the clan, total of 30 at one time or another over the weekend. It was fun. and we all ate to much, but can Santa really eat to much?

    Aka Santa

  3. Missing you! Have a Happy 4th Of July!!!