Monday, October 4, 2010

Zentangle R.......

I was amazed and awed by the pictures on the Zentangle Website of the pieces done at the retreat/Masters class. I especially loved the one where they used a letter in the middle, framed by Zentangle forms. I am not sure if this is finished yet or not. The area aroung the R looks kind of empty.....Any suggestions.


  1. And you picked the R for what reason?


  2. Martha, I love this! You've done some amazing detailed work all around that square. I really like the look....If you think you need something in the R area, maybe do something around the frame....doodle that up a bit. But really it's GREAT just the way it is.

    *I commented this morning about you getting a new job!! But Blogger messed me up! Congrats!

  3. How beautiful! It is hard to imagine doing much around the letter for fear of taking away from it's significance. I really love it just as it is!!!

  4. Wow, look at the work in this!! I wonder if maybe just blackening in the square behind the "R?" I really think it's fine as it is though!

  5. Hi Martha,
    I'm your new follower & a retired art teacher as well! I love this piece. Have you tried cropping it? You'll lose some of the edges but I like the space filled in the background.