Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am back again.. . . . New job, hopefully more time for art.

First before I tell you about my new job, the picture above is of my 5 month old cockapoo Mollie. Mollie is on the right. She is with her sister Miley at their dog obedience class training graduation. The nice looking young couple are Miley's Pet Parents. Really nice kids.

Now for the job update. I will after tomm. night no longer be working at PetsMart. As much as I liked it the 9 hour Saturdays and Sundays and two nights a week until after 10 was really getting hard on my 61 year old bones.

About two and a half weeks ago I saw an ad in our local paper for part time Tellers at the Bank that my family has used all my life. My brother in law is on the board now and my dad was up until his death. Anyway, I applied and I got the job. It is perfect hours, especially so I can get some art work done.

I will work every day 1-6:15, every other Sat. 9-1 and every other Monday 8-5. A total of 32 hours a week which is about what I am working now, plus I will be making $2.00 more an hour. Yeah !!! I am really looking forward to it.

I have been checking in to the blog world every so often, and hopefully, everyone has not completely given up on me. Missed you all


  1. Congratulations on the new job!!! It sounds like devine hours! I am so happy for you! Your doggie and her sibling are just the most snuggly, cuddly things in the world!!!

  2. Congratulations Martha Ann! That really sounds good.
    You have to have a job you feel good about in every way. Hope this is the one!
    Lovely pic of the 2 sisters! Cute!

    Welcome back and yes we are still here......

  3. The pet world loss is the banks gain, you go girl.


  4. How nice for you! I have been a teller, and I liked it a lot. I wish you well.
    Your dog is adorable! Lots of curly hair, but I'm sure you can manage it.

  5. I hope the new job is working out better for you. Hope you can get back to doing art again. That dog of yours is so adorable.