Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July Weekend


I hope all of my friends out in blogosphere have a very safe and wonderful
4th of July Weekend.

Sorry I haven't been around for a week now, but, I took this coming Sat, Sun. and Mon. off, so as a result I have been working everyday since last Saturday. Whew I am going to need a break.Today I work an 8 hour shift. Those wear me out.

I painted the picture above as part of my Foundations of Artful Journaling Class with
Laure Ferlita. I am not sure if I like this piece or not. It seems a little simplistic or cutsey in some ways, but,it was fun to do. I am always a happy little girl when I am painting or drawing or doing whatever kind of art.

Be safe.


  1. Martha, Love this page!!! I also chuckled about the "Boom"....Yep, that describes it at my house. Glad to see your watermelon has made an appearance! Have a wonderful 3 day weekend, sounds like you deserve it :D :D

  2. Your happiness shines through! Happy 4th of July weekend!!!

  3. Happy Fourth of July to you! Thank you for your kind comments! It's funny, isn't it? But most of my familys' birthdays are in July, too! More about that later...!♥ Kathy

  4. Your artwork is neat.

    Happy holiday and Happy birthday to my sweet sister.


  5. If it makes YOU happy then it is the perfect piece!!

    Have a fun holiday weekend Martha.

  6. I saw it on the class blog and liked it and I still like it when I see it here. You WILL be ready for some time off.

  7. Well I LOVE the page! It could be a wonderful card I would buy!

    Fun to follow a class like that!

    have a lovely weekend and Happy 4th of July!

  8. marthann, your art is always so cheerful and sincere... you wear your heart on your sleeve :) have a super weekend and enjoy the perfect summeriness of the 4th!
    p.s. do you follow storywoods?

  9. storywoods is so sweet... jus tclick on the link on my page some time...

  10. Hi Marthann! I just love happy art, and this is such a sweet, happy feeling, 4th of July painting! ... Thanks so much for your visit and the lovely comment you left me! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!...It's so nice to meet you! ;) Paulette