Monday, September 6, 2010

How does everyone keep track ??????

I sometimes get overwhelmed at all the different days and groups and ATC and whatever.
How do all of you keep track of what you are suppose to be doing on any given day, I would be comletely befuddled.
Don't get me wrong I think it is fantastic, I just am not sure I could keep it all straight.

Also, how do you get to belong to all these groups and how do you know what they are?
Now that I am going to be getting ( hopefully) back to having time to do more art, I would love to become involved in some of them.

Any help ,suggestions or ways to would be appreciated.

Love my "Blogging friends" and all their amazing work !!!


  1. Do what your brother does, retire, then do what you what when you want.


  2. Oh and make lots of notes, sticky notes to stick on your computer monitor, like brother does.

  3. I don't participate in all the groups and ATC's and such....but if I did, I'd probably only do what I wanted when I wanted. Sorry, not much help! I wouldn't think of it like an assignment for school, I would think of it as a way to keep me making art.

  4. I can't keep track either....just trying :)

    Soon winter will come and more time to blog and participate in things.

    See u around!

  5. I only do Cactus Monday...the link for that is in my sidebar...but I have been naughty busy, haven't kept up. Love all the CM peeps though!!!

  6. Oh, I do a drawing from the Everyday Matters list whenever I think to, and have time too, also.

  7. I can't/won't participate in anything that seems like pressure. That takes all the fun out of it. My favorite thing to take part in is Illustration Friday. I started blogging for that reason and to get back into illustration, my favorite medium. I was using at as a change to grow and hone my skills.
    But soon I started making friends on the blogs and joining things of like interests! Cactus Monday was fun for a while but I got burned out on one subject. I still participate here and there because I love the people in the group. Same for Animal Wednesday. I do it sporadically but I do try to submit a photo or drawing here and there and I always try to read the weekly posts.
    My blog has "strayed" a little from my intention of making it an art blog though. I'm hoping to get back to that!
    I did enjoy our ABC/ATC groups very much! And we had a week to do each one. I'd join that one again.

    Recently I signed up for The Sketchbook Project...THAT one feels like pressure because there's a deadline to fill a sketchbook! Oh well, we'll see how I do. And no, I haven't begun yet ;)

  8. I learned to not join so many groups. Burnout does hit! I have signed up for classes that are on-going which I don't do. I prefer the timed courses like Laure's. I think you should only join groups that help keep you on your selected art track. I think EDM is a good general group as people "sketch" in so many different ways and at different levels so everyone fits in. Sometimes I stay with alumni groups when I've gotten to know people who've taken several classes from one teacher. I eliminated swaps totally. Too much pressure.