Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I will be doing art again soon . . . . . . . YEAH

Thank you first to all of you who supported me in my vacation from blogging. I had alot on my plate and just was too stressed to do anything it seems.

But, I just signed up for 3 ( oh my poor credit card) of Laure Ferlita's classes for fall. The two mini classes Halloween and Christmas and Journaling in Autumn. I am so excited. The last art work I produced was done in her Foundations of Journaling this past summer.

To catch up just a bit. Andrew my son has moved to Brooklyn, and to sustain producing his artwork is working at a small eating place in Brooklyn called " Pies n Thighs" the thighs is as in chicken and the place serves all comfort food. Three girls own and run it and were featured on the Today show. Go to www.piesnthighs.com and you can see there web page and see the video clip of the Today show. It is a fascinating place and somewhere fun to go if you go to NYC.

I am busy with my two sisters, brother and cousin planning our 6th bi-annual Reppert family reunion for the October 8-10 weekend. It will be here in Kansas City. We have 5 cousins in Calif. 1 in Oregan, 1 in Colorado, and 1 in Texas. It will be so good to all get together again. We know my Dad and his two brothers and 1 sister will all be looking down on us.

I have kept up when possible looking at everyone's pages, and have loved all the beautiful artwork and wonderful friends in blogworld.

Hopefully I will be posting some artwork soon.


  1. You sound like you're happy and busy! Hope the pup is doing well!

  2. WHOOHOO!!! I will see you in the 'Autumn' class!!
    So good to know you will be around again. Life does get buys doesn't it!

  3. See you just needed a break, you can persevere.


  4. Oh, I am so happy you are hanging int here with us in blog world! It is so fun to see all that you are up to. Hope you are enjoying your job still, and your new puppy is doing well. Your family reunion will be wonderful. I have only been to one and it was when I was 15. Loads of fun!!! See ya round soon...glad you are taking some of Laure's classes again!!!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  5. yay....you need art!!!! It's in your soul. I'll be looking forward to your posts even if I comment sporadically ;)♥