Saturday, September 11, 2010

We have been seeing . . . . . .

Can you see the Rainbow in this
picture below

I guess if we have been having all this rain, it stands to reason we will also get the chance to see beautiful rainbow.
Wishing all of you a weekend of Rainbows !!!
It seems like all it has been doing lately around here is raining, thundering, lightning and so on.
The one nice thing about thunderstorms and rain clouds is all the amazing pictures of clouds you can get.
Here are a few I wanted to share on yet another rainy day here in my part of the country.
Hopefully it will clear up, want to go to the Westport Art Fair this weekend.


  1. I love rainbows too!! Hey, Martha, love that background you added!! So colorful and FUN!!

  2. Nice to see a rainbow after reading so much and seeing photos on other blogs of 9/11. this is uplifting after all those bad memories.

  3. Thanks Eden, those are my favorite colors, and when I saw it I knew I had to use it.
    Lynn, I agree, as much as 9/11 hurt so many, we all still have to have some bright spots in out lives. My prayers go out to all those affected.