Saturday, June 12, 2010

My life has been fruity lately . .. . . . ..

My life it seems has been full of food and fruit lately.!! In the Foundations of Artful Journaling online class, so far we have drawn watermelon, lemons and now a fortune cookie.

All of this reminded me of a painting I did about a year ago in a 1 day class on watercolor. I actually still have a little bit of work to do on this piece, but, for the most part it is done.

The grapes need some more color and the pear in the bottom left needs work.

I also need to finish the background, but I thought I would show it anyway. Who knows the way my life seems to be lately, who knows when I will ever get back to it.

I will say, some of the things I have learned from Laure Ferlita in just the past week already make me see some places this piece needs work done on.

Hope everyone is not expecting to have to build an Ark, like we are here in the Kansas City area. More rain expected for tomm.

I taught 5 dog obedience classes today and two 30 minute make up classes. I was wiped out by the time I got off at 7:15.

Happy times to all my new found blog artist friends. You make my life so much more enjoyable with your kindness and talents.


  1. This is really gorgeous, Martha! I love peaches and the gray in it really compliments them!!!

  2. It looks so lovely already Martha, but isn't it exciting to learn how to improve!

    We are not ready to float away yet but more rain is coming. My fear is that when the rain is done we won't see it again for a month!

  3. I like your bowl of fruit. Keep up the good work.

  4. Your watercolors are looking so good!! You really have a groove going here.

    I've been thinking about all you flood victims. I do hope you all are spared any damage. What's with all this rain this year, I wonder? It rains some part of nearly every day here too. Humidity is a killer.

  5. Five classes! That is a lot. I would imagine you are ready to drop. While working the full days of spring in the plant nursery, my sister has put painting off to the side. She's just too tired and if she does have a moment it goes to trying to get a neglected yard back into shape. As wonderful as dogs are, we only have so much energy. I am glad you are getting things out of the class. Maybe that's enough for now.