Friday, June 11, 2010

Flowers, Chicago and Lemons......and a long week

Wow this has been a long week.

It started out with going to work at 10pm to 4am on Tuesday night for inventory.

Back to work at 4:30-9:30 on Wed. to teach two dog classes.
Got up at 4:30 on Thursday morning to catch a 6:15 am flight to Chicago to see my youngest son Andrew.
Back home at 8:30 last night, because my flight was an hour late leaving Chicago, so, lots of sitting in the airport time.
Andrew will be moving to NYC with his girlfriend in August, as she will be finishing up her Masters at NYU in French Education. Andrew, not sure exactly what he will be doing. Oh to be young, in love and fancy free. I am so excited for them and their new adventure.
I am putting up some pictures from the trip, some beautiful flowers I saw, and the latest assignment for my on line class with Laure Ferlita.


  1. These flowers are just waiting to be painted. You are right about fancy free. If I knew then what I know now.

  2. Martha, The quote about lemons and the drawing go so well together! I know what you mean about Chicago delays, having family in Chicago, I've spent much time in those airports!

  3. First, just let me say thanks for your sweet comments on my drawing! was nice of you to be so sweet!

    Your Life Gives You Lemons painting is so summery and I like the blue with the yellow! Nice watercolor...makes me want some lemonade!!! (or chocolate)!!! :)

    Your son and his gal look so happy and they look so good together too, as a couple. Isn't it wonderful to see her finish her masters degree? I have a cousin who has taught French in a High School setting her whole career! She loves it!

    Beautiful flower shots! Our newspaper here is having it's annual nature photo contest. I was thinking about entering again this year. Your flower photos make me want to do it even more!

  4. A beautiful piece you made!
    How cool you went to Chicago! Did you visit his exhibition?
    They are young and the world is open.
    Don't work too hard now ;)

  5. Young people do seem to have the idea everything will work out somehow. That's a good thing. We need to hang onto that ourselves but the negatives start to pile up and it is sometimes hard to tamp them down firmly enough. That's the hard part about having a job. If you could only do the part you like or thought you were hired to do but so often everyone gets to do so much more than they bargained for. Working so late at night would not be my cup of tea. Hope you get to relax and just get into your art some more this week and forward.

  6. Love your Lemons. Andrew looks like he is in love, congratulations.


  7. Wonderful post...the lemon painting is so sharp and stunning, Andrew and his girlfriend look so happy, the flowers that greeted you are lovely...all good stuff except for the plane delay!

    I could use some carefree days :)