Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Water brush. . . . .Birthday Watermelon

I am taking Laure Ferlita's Foundations of Watercolor Journaling on line class. One of the tools we use is a "water brush". I had seen them before,but never tried one. This was a new learning curve for me to get used to. It takes a bit to get used to how to control the flow of water and how much paint to have on your brush. Having now tried it I think I am hooked. I understand how wonderful it will be to take with you and not have to worry about messing with water, etc.

The assignment was this picture of a slice of watermelon. I am sure you wonder why mine has a birthday candle in it. My birthday is July 5,1949. I was not usually a big cake fan, so my mom started putting candles in 1/2 a watermelon and that would be my birthday cake.

Last summer when I turned 60 I took a week long retreat to Grunewald Guild in the state of Washington. It was a week of art and spirituality. I took a Mandala class with Carla McConnell.Check out her web site. She does amazing things with colored pencils. Her mandalas are unbelievable. That was where I first saw the water brushes. You need to check out the Guild, they have different classes taught by known artists throughout the summer. It is up in the Cascade Mts. and is just beautiful. They have a different set of classes every week. I hope someday to get back again.

My very dear brother and sisters, made sure that the staff there knew that I liked watermelon for my birthday cake, and everyone surprised me with a birthday celebration complete with a watermelon birthday cake. I will always treasure those memories.


  1. First of all, I thought I was in the wrong place! You've changed the whole look of your Blog! I love it.

    How fun to have a birthday candle in watermelon. This is a great way to celebrate. Laure's class sounds like fun also.

  2. Thats a cool drawing!! Thanks for the info on the on-line class! Always best when they come recommended! Wonderful treat you enjoyed at the guild last summer! Off to check out your links :D

  3. Well, the watermelon sure is healthier!!! Great idea! Happy birthday in advance, BTW! I love your watercolor painting...and glad you like the watercolor brush...I have seen them at Laure and Teri's blogs and others, and wondered how it would be. I think I am too uncoordinated to do watercolor at all. Ah well... :)

  4. What a gorgeous watermelon painting!
    And such a nice story!
    I visited the link but couldn't find any mandalas. Well the other art looked wonderful as well.
    Great you are doing so well and are enjoying the things you learn.

  5. I, too, got hooked on Laura's waterbrushes! I had some difficulty finding them locally and had to order them from Cheap Joe's, but now I really like using them. Your watermelon is adorable and I love the candle in it!

  6. That sounds like so much fun. Another new word for me, "waterbrush". I learn so much from the internet! Your watermelon painting is gorgeous. The colors are so happy and vivid! I really admire people who can do watercolor work. It takes so much control and knowledge of how your medium behaves.

  7. nice composition, and there's just something so comfortable about your piece...

  8. Marianne sent me a waterbrush and I can't get the hang of it. She's going to visit me this year, perhaps she can give me a lesson!

    I love the idea of watermelon instead of cake because I don't like cake. My b'day is in August...still watermelon season!

    Wonderful painting Martha :)

  9. oh you did a great job on the watermelon.
    I shy away from watercolor. I have always loved the look it creates, maybe I should just play some with it.

    Early Birthday wishes to you, my husband was born in 1949, and has a July birthday too!! :)

  10. For years my sister always got something watermellony, for her birthday, dinnerware pictures, etc. Then we discovered that while she liked the watermelon birthday cake she was not a enamoured of the rest of the stuff, but alas my sisters and I still like to get her something watermelony for her birthday.

    My sister never seems to disapoint us she is very good at whatever she puts her mind to.


  11. oooh, i LOVE your watermelon page!!! i'm glad you're liking the water brush.....i use mine all the time and really love it!! xox, :))
    p.s. my dad is a july 5th baby, too!!