Thursday, May 13, 2010

No EDM's for a couple of days. . . .

This is what will be keeping me busy the next two days. I don't have to work at PetsMart, so I will be doing 160 wedding invitations for a friend of my niece. Below is a sample. Hope I don't get writers cramp !!!
Have a great Thursday. More EDM's to come later, probably Monday as I always work 10-7 or 8 on Saturday and Sunday.


  1. Oh wow, that sounds like a lot of work!
    I didn't realize you worked at Petsmart-how fun is that!!!!

  2. My sister is addressing envelopes for a friend and had a picture of one up but I called her and suggested she might want to take the picture down for fear of Identity theft which she agreed to do.

    She has a beautiful script handwriting.


  3. yikes.....160 wedding invitations!!! that sounds like a huge job to me....but i know your niece's friend will absolutely LOVE you for doing it!! and i didn't know you were a brighton girl (love your watch drawing!!)......i am too!!! have a great weekend, marthann!!! :))