Saturday, May 15, 2010

Andrew. .. . . . .

Andrew the Artist.

Since I haven't had time to do any artwork the last few day, because of wedding invitations, thought I would share some of my son Andrew's work. The bottom two were done while he was in Rome for a semester studying. He graduated from Loyola University,Chicago in 2008, with a degree in Philosopy. He now lives in Chicago doing art work, playing in a band, working as a Barista ( coffee maker) in a hip little place in Andersonville ( an area of Chicago) and living the good life of a 25 year old. Oh those were the days. He is quite talented even if I am prejudice. Little different style than his mom !!!!


  1. Following in his mothers footsteps, beautiful work Andrew.

    Uncle John

  2. Lovely artwork by your son.
    I see where he has his talent from ☺

  3. interesting and engaging work! andrew is definitely developing his own style... bravo!

  4. First of all his baby blues are stunning! ;)

    I love his style. I've always loved pen and ink with colored inks or watercolors. And I love his whimsical perspective, purposely skewed which is hard to do and still have it look right.

    Well done Andrew, you cutie!

    Marthann, the apple didn't fall far ;)♥

  5. What a handsome and happy son you've got there! His work is so rich, so vibrant!! Must be nice to have someone this close to inspire you!

  6. His work is really beautiful. If only to go back to 25 again!!!

  7. What bright eyes and smile! He IS a work of art MOM!!!
    And yes, his ART is wonderful to behold!!!!
    Ah 25...when was that anyway? LOL