Sunday, April 25, 2010

If you have an hour. . . .

If you have an hour, will you not improve that hour, instead of idling it away?
Lord Chesterfield

I had my usual 1/2 hour for lunch at work today. I wish I had an hour, but, alas I don't. Instead of just wasting my time doing nothing, I sat in my car and did this little line drawing.

My new mission is to always have a sketch book with me and pencils and pens, just in case I do have an hour, or half hour of even a few minutes.

Most of you will probably read this Monday, if at all, since it it getting to be late Sunday night.

Have a wonderful week everyone.


  1. You do the cleanest drawings (is that a correct term)? So sweet! Everything feels fresh after looking at this!

    Good idea to have pen at hand at all times! Lots of lunchtime drawings for us to look at!!!
    :) Yeah!

  2. This looks like a collection of decorated fruits. Very nice. It's really a help to have a journal with you all the time. I find the hard part is to get brave enough to open it up in front of other people and actually use it! I bet you feel better using your lunchbreak as an art break than just for eating.

  3. I have just adapted this habit as well! And oh my what a positive influence it has had on my! I love this doodle too! Wonderful patterns you've used!!

  4. Seems there's quite a bit of the "gotta keep a sketchbook handy" stuff going on! I just posted about this too!

    Like the zentangle - very calming, but certainly not boring!

  5. I do a lot of crafting in odd moments - knitted socks are about ten days of commuting and waiting for appointments!

    A counsellor once tried to get me to not be "doing" stuff all the time and it freaked me out a bit, it was very stressful! I reckon I'm non-productive enough when I'm online (sorta) and asleep, and that's enough!

  6. My first thought was a ship sailing on an ocean.
    But thats your brother!!!!


  7. I am always amazed of how much different things you can do! I like that that you try a lot of things!

    Good to have your scetchbook with you!

    Have a nice week!

  8. Ok so I had to look at the bottom of the computer to see what day it was. It's Monday! Us retired folk don't always know what day it is because one day is just like another. You don't get days off to tell you it is the weekend. This is a great sketch and I am sure we are all going to benefit from you carrying a sketch book. I know I will because I love to see what you have created.

  9. A lovely way to spend half an hour!

  10. I wish I can do something like that in only half hour! Super Good!!! :)

  11. Nice post! I keep a sketchbook on my desktop at school, and once in awhile I just flip it open and add a few strokes to something I'm working on... it's very calming and restores my balance.
    I also enjoyed the dog training piece above! My puppy is a yr. old now, so hopefully, it will get easier around here!

  12. This is lovely - hope you keep up the good habit!! I started trying to sketch every day but didn't manage to keep it up for more than a month!