Monday, March 8, 2010

Christopher Marley........ Bug Artist

I love to watch CBS Sunday Morning, and back in January, they had a fantastic piece on artist Christopher Marley.

His artwork is composed of using real ( but dead) bugs of all kinds and putting them into different patterns. It is absolutely amazing

Below I have listed the title of the piece on CBS and also a link to the show. The link even shows a video of him doing some of his work.

Check it out, it is a great new inspiration for drawing, painting, photography, whatever.He has out books, puzzles ( I have one but haven't put it together yet) and is just so different and unusual.
Have fun checking this interesting young artist out. I took a picture ( sorry it is not the best picture but you get the idea.)of the front of the puzzle box I have, and am giving him full credit for the work.

Christopher Marley Was Phobic About Bugs; Now He Collects Them for Artwork That Celebrates Their Beauty and Diversity

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