Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grunewald Guild. . . Art and Spirituality

I spent my 60th birthday week last summer in the Cascade Mts. of Washington State. There is a wonderful place called Grunewald Guild. Everyone should experience this fantastic place. You can take art classes from professional artist, take great hikes, eat wonderful homegrown food and share wonderful love and friendship. I took a class in Madalas from Carla McConnell, one of the founders of the American Colored Pencil Society. She is amazing. This is a pic of my finished project and a pic of the one Carla did that week. If you are interested in looking into Grunewald go to

This is the one I did. Notice the Acorns !! just had to have them in there.

Carla McConnell my teacher did this one. She is fantastic. Her web site is

I highly recommend this experience to everyone. They have different classes every week for over 8 weeks in the summer. Everything from Fiber Arts, Ceramics, Stained Glass to painting, drawing and more.


  1. Wow!~ Does that sound like a fabulous place... Wonderful mandalas shown here...acorns and all...Love them both! :)

  2. oh wow!
    I really love your mandala - and the acorns - little symbols of gigantic possibilities!

  3. O my.... your mandala is truly a treasure!
    I love all mandalas especially the extra ordinary. Yours is!