Monday, May 31, 2010

Last EDM.........Foundations of Watercolor Art Journaling Next.

Well, today is May 31st. Oh my goodness where did the month go.

I tried to get a drawing or whatever done every day in May, but, alas, not every day got covered. I would continue, but now I am going to start tomorrow with Laure of Painted Thoughts Blog and Imaginary Trips Blog on a new course.

This one is Foundations of Watercolor Art Journaling. I think I got that right. Close anyway. So alas, it is goodbye for now to the EDM's. I am excited about this new adventure.

Below is my final EDM. I am not sure what day or category is fits into. This is actually a wooden sort of giraffe that I made out of wood scraps to use as a teaching example for my third grade classes. It is made up of all different sizes and shapes of wood.

If you will look back at my EDM pear and other works I have posted over the time of my blog, you will notice I love to work with pencil. Especially shading with pencil. Soooo that is what I have done here.

Happy June to Everyone and off on a new adventure.


  1. hey, marthann, love the new look! looking forward to your new adventure.

  2. I like your picture and your giraffe. Yes, lets have fun on this new adventure. Who would have thought we could adventure while we stay at home?

  3. Hi Martha,
    Nice to meet you, you created a nice cute Giraffe! Thanks for sharing about the Painted thoughts,all the best with your new adventure!

  4. Wonderful lights and darks! You're really good with a pencil.

    Looking forward to your next adventure :)

  5. I know you all get tired of me ragging on my sister but I really thing she is a great artist.

    It is to bad she got stuck where she is and was not able to be as adventureist as her son Andrew.

    Maybe now she can reach those heights.

    Ah well


  6. yes, here's to new adventures!!! i love your drawing, martha.....congrats on filling up your sketch pad with lots of fabulous pencil goodness!!! have a great week! xox, :))

  7. You are very good with pencil!!! What a fun giraffe, I bet you made quite the impression on your 3rd grade class! What a fun age!