Monday, May 10, 2010

EDM 8 & 9

EDM 's 8 & 9
I running a little behind !!!!

Running behind getting my EDM drawings up. Weekends are busy for me as I work all day Saturday and Sunday. Most of my dog obedience classes are on those days.

So here is my pretty pitiful entry for Day 8 which for me is draw your bed !!
Number 9 is just a little drawing of something I saw while on my morning walk this a.m.

Happy Monday to all and also a good week.


  1. A bed? OK !!!! I like the tree.

  2. Yes, the perspective isn't right on for the bed but it's still a nice stylized drawing. I like your tree between picket fences too.

  3. Adore your tree and fence!!! You've got a wonderful knack for those little tiny details, like the leaves and the branches!!

  4. I think the bed looks like a cute chair with a pedestal back! It reminds me of a cute thing I saw one time where they attached a bed headboard to the back of a wood looked kinda like this!!!

  5. The bed also looks like a dry sink with two sides on top and a sewn skirt ;)

    I like it! The tree is nice too, so crisp in black and white.

  6. i think your bed looks quite comfy.....i love your comforter!!! :)))

  7. I like the tree the best, but the bed is fun too!!!! Hard to draw from the foot looking up I think.

  8. I have scrolled down your posts and all your EDM are just wonderful! What a challenge!
    You sure have been busy.
    The posts on your sons are lovely! How wonderful one has your talent and does so amny arty things;)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!