Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank you everyone in Blogland. . . .

What a wonderful thing this world of blogging is. Being new to it ( as of about 3 months ago), I cannot begin to tell all that I have learned, shared, seen and all the new artist and otherwise friends I have made.

I love the fact that everyone is just who they are. I have been offered advice on everything from how to blog, set up a blog, art ideas and just plain, honest caring advice. I would especially like to thank Laure at Painted Thoughts Blog and Teri at Teri's Painted Daisies to just name a couple who have helped me tremendously. Also today at Teresa Mallen's blog site I just happen to read her side bar entitled "Keep it Simple" and felt like it was a word from God. Thank you Teresa.

I had hit a roadblock this week in my creativity, and just going to blogland and reading other people's writings, seeing there work, and realizing that we are all seeking the same thing, our own inner peace and happiness, and the ability to share it with others helped so much to get me back on track. ( That and a fantastic, and caring therapist)

Even though I am a retired, 60 year old, art teacher, there is so much I don't know about the real world of art. When I say that I mean in terms of some techniques, exhibiting, products to use and what is out there for the taking.

So I just want to say to everyone who has come to see my blog, left wonderful comments, shared their ideas and work with me a huge Thank You.

Last but not least, I am going to be exhibiting for the first time this June in a small town Art Show. Open air, like an art fair, with works for sale. I have done photography, Watercolor, and pencil and ink. What are your suggestions for displaying my works in terms of covering them, like in acetate or something similar, to protect them? Also any other ideas and suggestions for what to use to display them on. I will be under a Canopy type tent top.

Just sharing a few more pictures I took recently.

Happy Wed. everyone and thanks for being my new artist blog friends.

PS. my youngest son made it safe and sound to Paris yesterday with very few hitches and frustrations. Oh to be young and carefree 25 again. !! Well, maybe.!!


  1. I enjoyed dinner last night, you need to find something that can accordian fold to display your work on.


  2. Not sure about the display, but you could always put your work in clear acetate bags - this company, offers archival quality.

    Good luck and hang in there - creativity is like all life forces - it ebbs and flows.

  3. Thanks so much Martha for those kind words. You are indeed in a wonderful new world full of friends and inspiration. It has also been our pleasure to find YOU!

    Don't worry about the creativity, it does ebb and flow as Laure said.

    I have no ideas for your show since I have never done one but I know it will be great just because you are there.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love the blogging community too!

  5. Hi Martha! Your photos are magical! Wishing you great success in your art show! Creative Blessings to you! :)

  6. Good luck in your art show! I especially love the daisy picture. I'm sorry I can't help with what to do with your pictures. I have never been in a show. I hope you are excited but not too scared!