Thursday, April 8, 2010

I love poppies. . . and need to learn to love "Me"

These pictures I took of poppies in the garden at Grunewald Guild ( the art and spirituality)
retreat place in the Cascade Mts. of Washington St., are some of my favorites. I love how the beautiful red colors just burst open and are dominant over every other thing in the garden.

Flowers like these are really one of God's gifts. It is like He is saying, wake up, look at this, look at this bright color, look what I have made for you. Enjoy.

These pictures also make me want to create. I am going to try and do a series of small watercolors of the poppies.

I am beginning to get into this blog thing. At first it was really overwhelming !!! There is so much going on, so many events every day, or every minute or every month. I almost don't know where to start or how to even jump in feet first and get wet. So that being said if my posts are a little blah at this beginning time, bare with me. I am on a Huge Journey of finding out who I am, and more especially how to love myself. Fortunately for me I have a wonderful therapist Jan Myers, helping me do this.

It sometimes takes a while to undo years of thinking bad thoughts or unkind thoughts about yourself and your abilities. I am hoping and beginning to feel that this venture into Blogland will help me truly be the person I am. That person who is artistic, different, a little crazy and wants to be very creative.

Thanks for all the feedback I have gotten so far, especially from Laure, Teri and Margaret. I think this whole thing is going to work out.

Meanwhile enjoy the photos below of some beautiful poppies.

Happy Thursday. I am off to do some painting.


  1. Oh, Martha, if you were near by, I'd give you a hug! Consider yourself cyber-hugged! I think to some degree or another, we ALL have to relearn to lover ourselves, to accept ourselves wholly - the good, the not so good, the ditzy, the uncreative, and all parts in-between. I think this condition is called "being human!"

  2. Should have been love, not lover, ourselves - dyslexic fingers!

  3. Oh Martha, Laure is right!!! I think we are on a similar journey. You will find a wonderful community of encouragers here. And don't worry, you will find your way around. It can get overwhelming if you try to do too much, and you can get caught spending way too much time.

    Welcome to the world of blogging!!


  4. YOU GO GIRL!!!!! You are doing great!

  5. What a fabulous, inspirational photo!! Wow! I can't wait to see the painting it has inspired :)

    I know it's hard to love everything about ourselves. I'm my worst critic. Every time I get a compliment I think I'm not worthy!

    You can do this. Little by little you'll blossom just like those stunning poppies :) ♥

  6. Remember, your children and siblings love you for who you are, especially me.

  7. Martha! Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is lovely and I look forward to visiting more. Your book looks wonderful-- I just love alphabets! I also love your mouse-- he looks a bit like a zentangle himself!

  8. Beautiful poppy capture...The petals are so red and papery and gorgeous!

    And as far as blogging goes...There is NO right or wrong...Do it only for yourself...for your soul and for the smile it might bring to your spirit...Enjoy the journey! You are off to a great start~! :)

  9. These are my favorites too!
    Thanks for coming to my blog today and becoming a follower. I see a lot of my friends come here as well. Nice to meet you and I look forward to seeing more of your art. Have fun at the art fair and I wish you many many sales!