Monday, March 22, 2010

It was a Zen weekend. . . .

For some reason, this past weekend I could not stop doing Zentangles. I hope you all know that Zentangle has its own blog now I just love doing these. I think the second one kind of looks like a rhinocerous. Whatever. Thanks to so many new friends from "blogdom" who have come to visit my blog. I really appreciate it and love looking at everyone else's.

Again special thank you to Laure for giving me my first Blog award. You are the best.

Enjoy the lines and curves !!!


  1. Lovely zengtangles!
    It is so great to see people having patience for this!!!!
    Just like clouds you can see all sorts of things in them.......

    Have a nice day and congrats on your award!

  2. Marianne, Thanks so much. Yes, they are kind of like therapy for me.

  3. ooh, I love your zentangles!!!!!!!!!! I have been in a zentangle mood also.

  4. Very interesting Zentangle. I'm in awe of people that have the patience to do them. Great job! Also, CONGRATULATIONS on your Sunshine award!!

  5. I was just over at Teri's blog and she was all about zentangles too. Very cool designs you have here!

  6. Sister;
    Had fun last night enjoyed your company.

  7. i had to step out of the way so your rhinoceros would not run over me :)