Friday, March 5, 2010

Finally some Art Time

This has been a very busy week, working 8 hour days learning to be a Dog Obedience Trainer for my job at PetsMart.
I just thought I was retired !!
It has been fun though. Lots of different kinds of dogs and "Pet Parents" also. Big dogs, little dogs, frightened dogs and ADHD dogs if that is possible.
Finally this morning, since I have Friday off, I got to do a little art work and relax.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Here are a couple of my " Doodles for the Day"


  1. Fun doodles!! Will you add color?

  2. Probably not. They were done in pencil. I like to do them in pen if I add color. I was just really messing around. Have a good weekend.

  3. They are beautiful and so graceful!

  4. wow, what wonderfully, organic doodles! I love the flow of them.

    PetSmart trains folks to be dog trainers? I thought they hired people already steeped in that field. Lucky you to learn a new trick in retirement!

    Funny word verification...allasits

    Maybe you'll train a dog named alla!

  5. My ADHD grandson has an ADHD dog. When my grandson was embarrassed as heck when he wasn't paying attention and walked into a pole at his local mall he felt better when his dog later that day walked into a fire hydrant! It takes all kinds in this world but how great when a kid who has a severe problem can have a companion where he can practice the empathy he hopes others will have for him.

  6. hahaha it seem you are more busy then before your retirement. Guess all the free time fills up easily!

    Love those doodles. Good to reserve some time for art!

    Have a nice Sunday!

  7. Your doodling around pieces are great...lovely flow and composition! :)