Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well here I go, wish me luck.

This is the first entry of my blog. I am a new member of the world of "blogs". I love art, music, needlework and want to share that love with others who wish to follow along with me. There is a great deal of fear inside of me from taking this leap to find out who I really am, and where this journey will take me. Wish me luck, and bear with me as I get this going.


  1. I'm happy to wish you luck, Martha, but you really don't need it. You're going to be fine. The blogosphere is filled with very kind, caring folks - just like yourself!

  2. I'm proud of you, Cuz. You are stretching your wings and your confidence! Love, mk 2/13

  3. Ok one more time around Picadilly square.

    Congratulations sister

    You may think you are technically challenged but I think I got you beat. Anyhow I know for sure that you are not artistically challenged in fact far from it.

    You go girl

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere Martha :) Best of luck!
    Big hug from Mexico, Geninne.

  5. Go ahead and leap strong and far will always find a soft place to land here...:) Best Wishes!

  6. Hi Martha thanks for your visit!
    You will find blogland a wonderful adventure and you will see and meet so much of interest!
    Have fun!!!!


  7. I also just started a blog (last august) with some trepidation. I still sometimes wonder who would want to look at my stuff.I try to see it as a visual journal of my life that will be an inspiration to keep going.
    I'm adding yours to my favorites.